You Can Swing Casting Call Auditions At Starlets Lounge November 12, 2011
We interviewed single ladies that wanted to be in the next You Can Swing It Reality Dating Show with the opportunity to win $500 and get into a threesome. 
Each interviewed person received $50 for their audition to be considered for The You Can Swing It Reality Dating Show.
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You Can Swing It is a Reality Dating Show that helps couples find available singles to get into threesomes in a fun and safe environment.
You Can Swing It is a full scale online dating site powered by with over 19.5 million active members.
You Can Swing It is also a Dating Show that pays $1000 to the selected couple and $500 to the single they select to get into a threesome with. 
There is no nudity or sex in the actual show.  Its a funny game show that helps couples select singles to go out on a date.

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POKA Audition
LESLIE Audition
CHERISH Audition


DENISE Audition
MARY Audition


ALEXA Audition
AMBER Audition


JUDY Audition
NATASHA Audition
JASMIN Audition  - We Simplify Sourcing Quality Threesomes For Curious Couples


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